How to use Parcel Whitelist V1

How to use Parcel Whitelist V1
In this guide, I’ll be explaining how you configure and use the Parcel Whitelist V1. Before we get started, please make sure that you own the Parcel license and a Purchase Hub, else you can’t further continue with this guide.

We also provide a step-by-step tutorial on our YouTube Channel now:

Let’s get started
Create a new product within your Hub and make sure that all the entered information is valid.

Find the HubID and ProductID
In order to find your hub ID, simply run the /products command in your Discord Server.

And to find the productID, simply run the /update <product name> command.

Whitelist a product
Insert the following sample code into the script and add your own logic. We recommend you add a function that destroys the entire model or game (workspace) if the owner doesn’t own the product license.

Sample code:

local Parcel = require(9428572121)

if Parcel:Whitelist("hub id here", "product id here") then
    -- User owns the product
    -- User doesn’t own the product

By default, the code checks if the game or group owner owns your product license. However, if you would like to change that, you can also pass a user id as a 3rd argument to :Whitelist.

Secure your code
In order to secure your code, we offer a Lua Obfuscator for all Pro users:
Parcel Obfuscator (Parcel Pro)

That’s all, you have now whitelisted your product.
Thank you for reading through this guide.

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And here is the SDK for all the developers among us: Parcel Whitelist SDK - Roblox




Friendly reminder, it is NOT recommended to use MoonSec in my opinion, I have used it before and it has gotten a client of mine banned from ROBLOX once permanently for all the NSFW stuff MoonSec sets in the obfuscation code. It’s best you pay for Luraph or find another obfuscatior.

We also provide a step-by-step tutorial on our YouTube Channel now: