How to use Parcel Obfuscator (Lua)

How to obfuscate scripts using Parcel Obfuscator
In this guide, I’ll be explaining where you can find the obfuscator and how you can use it. Before we get started, please ensure that you own Parcel Pro or Parcel Executive, else you can’t use the obfuscator.

Let’s get started
Firstly, visit Once you’ve done that, click “Log In” in the top-right corner. Authenticate with Discord OAuth2 and the window should close again.

Now you should see your avatar and username on the top right, click on it and select “Obfuscator”.
Screenshot 2023-07-02 114133

Obfuscate a script
Be aware that you can only obfuscate 100 times a day. Once you have reached your limit, wait until the next day, it’ll reset itself automatically.

Simply paste your Lua code into the field and press “Obfuscate”. It’ll take about 2-8 seconds for the server to process your request. Afterward, it should display the completed page and the obfuscated code in a text box. Just click on the textbox, and it’ll copy all the obfuscated code into your Clipboard.

Congrats! You have just obfuscated your script.
That was all, paste the obfuscated code into Roblox Studio and it will work.

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Heya! My obfuscator doesn’t want to work, it is saying I don’t have parcel pro.

Edit: Fixed, logged out then back in.

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What the code requires some variables from the customer?

Can you further elaborate on what you mean?

I mean if they need to set a group ID, how would they do that in the script?

Ohh, you would need to use a Module Script and import the variables and values from there.

The obfuscator is so cute <3