Parcelize | LuaU Parcel Hub Library


Parcelize is a Parcel LuaU library that simplifies integration with the Roblox Parcel Ecommerce platform.

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Why use Parcelize?

Parcelize offers a range of features that make it an essential tool for creating a fully custom, from the ground Hub for your store, including:

  • LuaU type integration: Seamlessly integrates with LuaU types, ensuring type safety and improved code reliability.
  • Request Caching: Implements efficient request caching to minimise redundant API calls, enhancing performance.
  • Fully Documented: Comprehensive documentation is available, providing clear guidance on how to utilise all features effectively.
  • Secure with Roblox’s Secret Store: Utilises Roblox’s Secret Store for using your Hub’s token, meaning it won’t be in plain sight.

How easy is it to setup?

2 lines easy.

local ParcelAPI = require(17658459471)
local ParcelInstance = ParcelAPI()
print(ParcelInstance:FetchHubInfo()) --> { TotalSales: 129, MusicId: 1848354536 }

What features are supported?

  • Hub Information: Total Sales, MusicId, Hub description, terms
    e.g. ParcelInstance:FetchHubInfo()

  • Products: All products, bestseller
    e.g. ParcelInstance:FetchProducts()

  • User Information: User exists, profile, owned products
    e.g. ParcelInstance:FetchPlayerProfile(110029109)

  • Whitelisting: User whitelisting and gifting
    e.g. ParcelInstance:Whitelist(110029109, "hAA2n...")


Parcelize is distributed under a GPL-3.0 license
Parcelize utilises endpoints owned by
Parcelize is not related to Parcel Ecommerce.

Created by hej_ARl on:
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